Christian Nelson

Architect/Designer- Director

Christian approaches each project with a comprehensive eye towards the entire process; from design all the way through occupancy. As the design is developed, he works to anticipate and plan for the variables that may drive construction costs and teams with the client and contractor to keep the design on track, on schedule, and within budget.

Over the last 20 years Christian has developed designs for a large range of projects using a variety of mediums to convey the client’s ideas and programs ranging from hand sketches and markers to 3D renderings. Each medium can then be transitioned into construction drawings that are carefully reviewed during bid and construction to stay true to the original design intent and the client’s goals.

As the lead designer on several large-scale public and hospitality projects such as Caesar’s Convention Center, Cosmopolitan Casino Bead Feature, Vanity Nightclub at the Hardrock, M Resort Pool, RTC Bus Depot, Area 15/Meow Wolf, Harley Davidson, and Moapa Valley Senior Center he brings an understanding of the design process where he works hand in hand with the owner to develop a cohesive design and program that is innovative, environmentally conscious, and programmatically sound.

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